Tammy Brant is quick to credit her own teachers for making her into the teacher she is today.

“I just teach how I was taught,” said the Ball State alumna, “but I happened to be taught by the best.”

Brant—a 1992 graduate of Ball State’s K-12 physical education program (now a Teaching Health and Physical Education major) who also has a master’s in physical education teacher education—has just been inducted into the North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance Professionals for her undying commitment to physical education.

This highly selective organization recognizes outstanding professionals across health fields. Brant is just the fifth public school physical education teacher to be inducted in the society’s two-decade history.

“It is an honor to be among the amazing people in this group. The professionals in this organization are people I admire, researched, and quoted for my master’s degree. To now be honored alongside them is extremely rewarding.”

Brant is a physical education teacher at Liberty Perry School Corporation in Selma, Indiana. There, she’s written grants that secured her school and district $795,000, contributes to various state and national councils and committees, and has been named middle school physical education teacher of the year on a national level.

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