A champion of lifelong learning, the Miller College of Business will soon offer educational courses to post-college adults seeking to advance their careers with in-demand business knowledge.

The new Executive Learning Program will provide a variety of courses—ranging from blockchain to cryptocurrency to business analytics topics—to Ball State alumni and Indiana’s non-business practicing professionals. These courses, to be taught by Miller College professors, will be available in luncheon, daylong, and multi-day or -week training style.

Thanks to Ball State’s community partnership, the courses will be at Launch Fishers, a business incubator with accessible resources to equip new entrepreneurs.

“Whether you’re a physician wanting a basic business understanding, or an English graduate interested in emerging business topics, this new program can empower anyone in the Indiana market be more successful in their job,” said Mark Myring, associate dean of graduate programs and strategic initiatives.

The initiative has been in planning for more than a year now and is set to launch after a director of executive education is hired in early 2020. Courses will be available by March.

“We’re thrilled to reconnect with alumni and offer engaging, in-demand business education that can advance individuals in the workforce,” Myring said. “This will allow us to increase our profile in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne and impress non-Ball State practicing professionals with our quality of education so they’ll be more inspired to hire Ball State graduates.”

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