Through a partnership with the NCAA, Ball State University sophomore and Aurora native Ryan Klimcak is creating social media content for the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Championship.

Klimcak is leading the effort as a member of Ball State’s Sports Link, the nation’s first digital sports production program.

“The most exciting part of this entire experience was being able to enjoy college hockey and more importantly gaining a further understanding of the process of live-clipping for events,” Klimcak said. “It is only my first year here at Ball State and as a member of Sports Link, but I am already amazed and grateful for the opportunities I have received!”

Under the direction of Chris Taylor, senior director of digital sports production and lecturer in the Department of Telecommunications, Sports Link allows students to get real-world sports production experience. Students have the opportunity to gain experience as on-camera broadcasters, broadcast producers and directors, social media content creators, and much more.

Through their NCAA partnership, Sports Link has been tasked with producing content for various NCAA social media accounts.

“I feel like one of the great things about Sports Link is how hands-on it is and how I was able to step in as a newcomer and get to do a lot of cool things right off the bat,” Klimcak said. “I already feel like I owe so much to this program and all of the incredible people I get to work with every day.”

He said that  experience with Sports Link could lead him to his dream job as a  play-by-play broadcaster.

“The opportunities have been plentiful and endless in year one,” Klimcak said. “I’m definitely excited to see what is in store the next couple of years and the opportunities that present themselves and to continue working with a great group of people. I’m so lucky!”

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